Monday, November 10, 2014

Clay Hamsa

Hey guys,

Today I'm back with a really fun project!

I chose to make a hamsa but really you can print off any design online to use as your outline. 
I flattened my clay out to the shape and cut around it. Next I took a texture plate and pressed the clay on it, making sure I got a good impression. In essence you can use anything from around the house to make a texture on the clay. The I used some clay in a mold I had and added a clear gem on top with glue (after I dusted the piece is when I put on the gem on). I then made the two shapes with more clay on the corners of the hand. After I just dusted it with a nice coat of pearl ex pigment powder. The I used a matte fixative spray to make sure none of the powder would come off (which you can get at any art supply store or for a cheap alternative you can use hairspray). 
You can add many layers to a project like this, piece it together like tile pieces or add any sort of bead or's all up to your imagination!
Ps- it bakes at 275 for an hour for maximum strength.

Hope you enjoyed this project and maybe you'll give it a try!