Saturday, April 26, 2014

Been tooooo long!!!

Hey everyone,

I know its been forever since I last blogged, what can I ;p 
With the weather finally starting to shape up (little by little;) I just felt the inspiration to share a brightly colored project with you! 

I got this plaque at Goodwill for like $4 and made it for a relatives bday...
First, I painted the background gold with acrylic paint. I then cut out patterned paper to size for each square (which are raised above the back of the plaque, hard to tell in the photo maybe). I used glue sealer (modge podge) to adhere them to the wood and did a top coat as well to be safe which anyways gave a nice effect. 

Next I added embellishments to the four corners which you can see in the photos below.

Its very hard to capture in with a camera but I also used Rangers Glossy Accents over different areas of the squares, including the partial graphic of the rose in the second photo above which has the metal piece on the same square.

This next square was the center one. I stamped a piece of clay with this lovely sentiment from I'm not sure where ;). Then I used pigment powders to color the clay to the desired effect I was looking for. After that I should have baked the clay but instead I let it air dry over night; it seemed more malleable then it would have been if time I guess...either way it stuck onto the paper lol.
For the "fancy" edges of the square I stamped the design and embossed it with gold powder.

As a finishing touch I added Pan Pastel magenta along the border of the plaque at random, to give it more flare and really make it pop. 
After all was said and done I sprayed Blair workable matte fixative spray over the entire piece to seal on the Pan Pastel and the pigment powders- it worked great!

Hope you enjoyed the piece and gave you some inspiration to go ahead and try to capture the wonderful feeling of spring onto whatever medium you feel like working on, canvas or card alike! :)

Enjoy the day!